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Recovery Room Basic Membership

Pre Workout Preparation. Post Workout Recovery. Optimal Performance in Life & Sport.

Visit the BARWIS Recovery Room to heal aches & pains, diminish muscle fatigue, reduce inflammation, relieve stress, prevent injury, restore energy, and optimize performance in your daily life or sport.

This membership gives you access to a wide variety of recovery tools that can be used before and after each training session to revitalize your entire body and come back stronger.

Recovery Room Basic Membership: $75/month

Membership includes unlimited access to all of our unassisted equipment during Recovery Room Hours:

  • Venom Vibration and Heat Technology

  • Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

  • Hyperice Vibrating Rollers

  • Theraguns

  • Hypervolt

  • Hot Tub & Cold Tub

  • Infrared Saunas

Contact us at 954-449-0850 or visit us at BARWIS Performance Center of Deerfield Beach to get started with your Recovery Room Basic Membership.

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